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Dedicated Data Entry
Information intensive organizations often face the difficult task of data entering information from printed, imaged, or microfilmed material into an electronic format. These data entry projects can be costly, time consuming, problematic and difficult to manage when data entry is not your business core competency. In companies without a dedicated data entry staff, otherwise directed personnel are pulled from their assigned revenue generating duties to spend a portion of their time inputting information.
In addition, these pulled employees are not specifically trained as data entry operators and they can fall behind during a sudden deluge of work. Companies with or considering a dedicated data entry staff must invest in expensive equipment and maintenance, costly personnel, benefits, overhead, and supervision. DevSoftIndia maintains a comprehensive range of data entry services that can be customized to meet your business deliverable requirements. DevsoftIndia specially trained reliable staff, and our dedicated data entry equipment converts your forms to data in the most efficient way possible. We are ready to take on large long-term projects or short one-time jobs. Whether large or small, each project is treated with the same DevsoftIndia time-tested production methodologies assuring you the highest quality results. In addition, we have strict measures and controls in place assuring you complete confidentiality. We will also work non-stop to meet your deadlines. Because DevsoftIndia' data entry services are driven by quality management and your complete satisfaction, accuracy of over 99% is a priority for us. DevsoftIndia uses a key and verify process to immediately flag data for correction of any differences DevsoftIndia also offers off-shore data entry services at highly competitive rates. Our off-shore English speaking data entry specialists are DevsoftIndia dedicated and trained. Paper documents never leave DevSoftIndia's facility and control. Images only are transmitted to our off-shore facilities via secure, encrypted file transfer protocols. In today's fast paced business environment where time is money, why waste time trying to hire resources and developing an infrastructure for routine data processing projects. At DevsoftIndia we can provide you with dedicated data entry clerks for short term or long term projects at a fraction of the cost of doing it in the US. We have the resources and infrastructure to provide data entry. It's wise and profitable to outsource data. We create electronic books from handwritten material, images / photos and graphic displays and from various types of electronic formats.