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Export Management System
Export Management System is a versatile product and application of export management process, designed for export houses in domestic and international markets. It is required to create effective incorporation and co-ordination in export business. Nowadays, national or international business, engaged in export and import requires a software solution that strongly manages all the complex procedures associated with the business. Dev software & technology has a far-fetched experience
by providing cutthroat and multi-user software solutions with user-defined export procedures and management controls.
Furthermore, the excellent in-built controls allow the system to process the transactions of export and import rapidly and precisely. The unique software solution is integrated with order processing and financial business, which makes it quite worthy from end-users point of view. It is a strategic business solution for business houses involved in export and import in any industry vertical.

  • Role-based security to control the access rights of users
  • Providing secured access control system and configurability
  • User defined status tracking, consignments reporting, and quotations management
  • Authenticate use of individual data fields
  • Exhaustive database to cater all types of business verticals
  • Comprehensive product pricing and quotations
  • Compliance with VAT and statistical reporting requirement
  • Automatic printing and faxing of selected documents
  • Date control over consignment shipment deadlines and payments
  • Facility to consolidate and split orders
  • Export charge processing and tracking facility
  • Generate custom reports with facility to print, mail, or fax at remote or local site
  • User-friendly screens with easy language for input fields