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Enterprise Resourse Planning
What is ERP?
Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP, does not live up to its acronym. Forget about planning—it Does not do much of that—and forget about resource, a throwaway term. But remember the enterprise part. This is ERP’s true ambition. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs.
We are an ERP software provider company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India. We provide ERP software worldwide. We are engaged in providing management and software consultancy as well as implementing ERP Solutions. The ERP Softwares have been well received and rank high in meeting user expectations. We specialized and expert in Customized ERP Solutions.
There are many benefits of Web-Based ERP like:
  • Centralized data is secure and easy to backup
  • Updates can be made quickly and easily
  • Information is accessible to a user anywhere in the world
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Everybody has a browser - familiar interface encourages use
  • Unlimited user system
  • No special configuration need on user's PCs
  • Lower costs
  • We provide ERP systems for many different types of businesses like:
  • Manufacturer ERP
  • Textile ERP
  • Logistic ERP
  • Industrial Laboratory ERP
  • Finance ERP
  • Hospital ERP
  • Transportation ERP