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Enterprise Resource Planing

We are an ERP software provider company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India. We provide ERP software worldwide. We are engaged in providing management and software consultancy as well as implementing ERP Solutions. The ERP Softwares have been well received and rank high in meeting user expectations. We specialized and expert in Customized read more

Ready Mix Concrete Software
An Integrated Information System designed for Ready Mix Concrete Industry. If you are a high-value RMC Manufacturer and look forward to achieving optimum quality, reducing cost while ensuring customer satisfaction, then ideal choice must be Suffixtrie. Suffixtrie is affordable, powerful, yet flexible web based Enterprise Resource Planning software, for mid-sized to large sized manufacturers read more
Content Management System
A content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site. Typically, a CMS consists of two elements: the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). The CMA element allows the content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site read more
Customer Relationship Management
Dev Software & Technologies is pioneer in CRM Service, we Provide CRM Services worldwide. All businesses are there to support its clients for it to achieve success. The focus of all the companies should be on their clients. In order to know the customer preferences, you will have to collect, group and analyze customer details, a tool that aids you in doing all these process is called as CRM Tool read more
Export Management System
Export Management System is a versatile product and application of export management process, designed for export houses in domestic and international markets. It is required to create effective incorporation and co-ordination in export business. Nowadays, national or international business, engaged in export and import requires a software solution that strongly manages all the complex procedures associated with the business read more
Payroll Softwar
Dev Software & Technologies Payroll is a very simple, flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management software specially for INDIA, that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of employees’ Payroll. Dev Software & Technologies Payroll stores complete records of the employees, generates Pay-slips and Attendance Register read more